What Is The Public and Patient Perception of Cell and Gene Therapies

18 Jan 2023
Patient and Clinical Considerations Track
Vertex Cell and Gene Therapies

11:00am Chair Introduction

Ryan Leahy, Vice President of Research, Phacilitate


11:05am Presentation: Advancing The Frontline

  • In March of 2020, Courtney’s 8 year old son, Colby, was diagnosed with a stage 1, low risk lymphoma and immediately started a standard frontline chemotherapy protocol lasting nearly 800 days and including nearly a dozen different non-targeted, incredibly toxic drugs, the majority of which were developed and approved for use between 1950-1970.
  • Colby’s experience, along with thousands of other children, has inspired Courtney, a board certified toxicologist and drug development professional, to educate the research and pharmaceutical community about the patient experience with frontline care in pediatric oncology and the desperate need for more target, effective, accessible and safe therapies.

Courtney Horvarth, Global Head of Strategy, Planning and Operations, Novartis


11:20am Presentation: TBA

Senior Representative, Vertex Pharmaceuticals


11:35am Presentation: TBA

Timothy D. Hunt, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine


11:50am Presentation: Gene and Cell Therapy: A Patient Perspective

Teonna Woolford, Chief Executive Officer, Sickle Cell RED


12:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants


Courtney Horvarth
Global Head of Strategy, Planning & Operations, Translational Medicine & Childhood Cancer Advocate
Ryan Leahy
Vice President of Research
Teonna Woolford
Chief Executive Officer
Sickle Cell Reproductive Health Education Directive
Timothy D. Hunt
Chief Executive Officer
Alliance for Regenerative Medicine