Workshop: Investment in CGT – Securing Funding for your Biotech Venture

19 Jan 2023
Commercializing Advanced Therapies

3:30pm Chair Introduction

Sven Kili, Chief Executive Officer, Antion Biosciences


3:05pm Presentation: TBA

Jennifer Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Chimeric Therapeutics


3:20pm Presentation: Risk Mitigation Strategies for Making your CGT Venture More Attractive to Investors

  • Indication choice – choosing the ‘market’
  • Clinical trial design – safety and efficacy data
  • Requirements for Final Therapeutic Product & Target Product Profiles
  • Application of Quality by Design (regressive and progressive planning with the final therapeutic product in mind)
  • Importance of Cross-Functional Teams and selection of a de-risked plan
  • Company-investor matching. Importance of seeing investor as ‘one of the team’ and not a ‘means to an end’
  • Joining Standardization Groups like ISCBI, GAiT and ISCT assist in derisking

Stephen Sullivan, Founder, Lindville Bio


3:35pm Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC


3:50pm Presentation: TBC

Speaker TBC


4:05pm Closing Panel with Q&A

With all session participants, joined by:

Miguel Forte, President-Elect, International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy


Jennifer Chow
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director
Chimeric Therapeutics
Sven Kili
Chief Executive Officer
Antion Biosciences
Miguel Forte
President Elect
International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy